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Volcanic Aroma Diffuser l Essential Oil Diffuser

Invite our beautiful aromas into your home this autumn and create a therapeutic haven for your loved ones with our brand new ‘160ml Ultrasonic Volcanic Aroma Diffuser’.
This new and improved design, with a built in 2.4HMZ ultrasonic atomisation film, is perfect for improving your mood on those long autumn evenings; whether you want to unwind, relax or feel uplifted. Heavily inspired by the shape of volcanoes, this streamlined diffuser - at the touch of a button – creates a soft and humid environment, designed to moisturise both the air and your skin at the same time.
Featuring three separate timing modes – one, three and five hours – this diffuser delicately blends with water molecules to help you achieve the perfect humidified and nourishing effect. This aroma diffuser is also equipped with a seven-colour LED ambient light, allowing you to adjust the colours as you please for a next to silent, serene environment.
Product Specifications:

Product Size: 140*140*145mm

Adapter Rated Power: 14.5W

AC Adapter Output: DC24V/0.6A

Spray Mode: Long Spray 1H/3H/5H

Weight: 280g

Product Name/Type: Volcano Aromatherapy Machine

Power Supply: A dedicated adapter is standard

Adapter Input: AC100-240V-50/60HZ        0.4A MAX

Atomized Vibration Frequency: 2.4MHZ

Tank Capacity: 160ML

Light: 7 Colours, Ambient LED.

Design: White, Khaki, Black.

Khaki (Cream)

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